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About Mr. Wilfredo Mendoza

An introduction about who  am I?. It's not easy write in black and white who am I, maybe I'm more used to feel who I am and not to say who am I. It would be much more convenient and easier if I start to giving my name. Maybe some others peoples tell them something and nothing, but at the end of the accounts , I'm still who I am and my name is part of me and identifies me in many ways. Fortunately , we are, and I am, the result of many experiences, values ​​and paradigms received at home or acquired throughout life,to tip of petting or knocking, but learned and not forgotten. I am a mixture or equation, as you want to see, but everything works so well on me as in a glass of wine , I am harmony , I'm color, I'm aromas and evocations , I'm complexity and style, I'm romanticism and reality ... not very different from the rest of human, I'm much more than a bunch of diplomas and degrees stacked in a corner of my house. I'm finally someone with many desire to learn and be taught. I'm Wilfredo Mendoza to serve. I am currently teaching at the University Modular Open from El Salvador. Blessings