About Mr. Tom Chambers

Tom R. Chambers teaches Technology Applications at Raul Yzaguirre School for Success in Houston, Texas. He also teaches and advises after school programming in Digital Photography and Digital/New Media Art. He takes student engagement and empowerment seriously. Most of what is learned and produced transcends the classroom and school system to have community and international impact. As a result, his students are motivated to do more. Chambers is a firm believer in empowering students to take control of the learning process via hardware/software for greater understanding and retention of core subject content. Challenge through engagement is the key to students' interest, and enthusiasm for the educational process. His students' accomplishments: http://tomrchambers.com/RYSS_TCCC.html Chambers is also a visual artist, and he is currently working with the pixel as Minimal Art (Pixelscapes). His project, "My Dear Malevich" is internationally acclaimed. He has over eighty exhibitions, off- and on-line, to his credit. His website: http://tomrchambers.com/ Specialties Workshop instruction; youth and community development; public programming; curatorial; project conceptualization and implementation.
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