About Dr. Tammy Summerville

My name is Tammy Summerville, and I am the Director of Magnet Programs in the Huntsville City Schools. I have been in the education profession for twenty-four years serving in the capacity of a classroom teacher (self-contained and semi-departmentalized), reading specialist, Assistant Principal, Principal, and currently the Director of Magnet Programs. All of these experiences have prepared me to become a better leader. I absolutely have a passion for technology and the possibilities that it offers. Through my observations and experiences as an instructional leader, I strongly believe that the integration of technology into the curriculum enhances teaching and learning. I have found that technology can be used effectively in classroom instruction to engage learners and facilitate thinking by including: problem solving, exploration, knowledge construction, research, collaboration, communication, reflection, deeper thinking, articulation, and authentic assessment. It really takes learning to another level. During my leisure time, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have been blessed with a supportive husband, Curtis and two wonderful daughters, Emry and Kiara. Emry is a tenth grader and Kiara is a graduate student at the University of Alabama. I also have a love for reading, surfing the Internet using my iPad or other mobile devices, and listening to my iPod Touch. It is my goal this year to dedicate more time to myself by going to the gym on a regular basis. I want to have a more balanced life. While juggling the demands of a career and taking care of my family, I continue to strive to be a life-long learner by participating in professional growth opportunities.What I know for sure is that I have a passion for continuous improvement. Learning new things is so rewarding not to mention fun!
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