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Word Search - Find That Word

by Backchannel Chat

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Subjects: Language Arts, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


Create online and printable word searches!

Teachers can create their own word lists or change our ready made word lists.
Teachers can save their word search sheets directly to their Edmodo Library or download them directly, ready for printing or play with the iOS app.

Find That Word also has Edmodo Badges to award to students.

**** No limits on how many word sheets can be created! ****

• The ability to allow backwards and diagonal words.
• Download the PDF directly to your computer.
• Save the Word Search document to your Edmodo library.
• Ready made word lists - new ones being added all the time.
• Student game history.
• Setup word lists for specific Edmodo groups.
• Students can use the iOS app to play unique games based on your word lists


This app is designed for teachers and students. Teachers can create the word lists and the students can play.

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