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Subjects: Language Arts, Creative Arts

Player Mode: Single

Grade: Elementary

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Every person in the world should be able to experience live theatre.

So we've created this app. Through a series of 10 separate on and offline activities and games they will see how a real show is created. Learners view scenes from a very funny play based upon the nonsense poems of Edward Lear.

They will meet the actors, director and theatre team and learn about all the things that go into putting on a play in a real theatre. As they learn the app tests their knowledge.

With extension activities to work on off the computer and a teacher's login with teaching notes, you will find this app both informative and fun.

Key Features
- Pedagogically designed to raise standards and motivate learners.
- Holds individual attention for a long period on time
- Flash based and platform integrated.
- Design of app is both functional and visually stimulating

Educational Benefits
- Enables pupils to work independently, learning at their own pace both in the classroom and at home
- Lowers anxiety and encourage shyer learners learners to take part.

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