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Subject: Social Studies

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


Put the presidential election into your classroom's hands! Voters Ed is an interactive teaching tool about the U.S. Electoral College. Voters Ed allows teachers and students to simulate election outcomes by assigning each state as fully supportive of a candidate, leaning toward a candidate or neutral - electoral votes are automatically tallied. Pre-load the map with poll data or start from scratch. Save multiple scenarios.

Step through our Electoral College primer. Peruse FAQs to increase student knowledge. Check out the latest poll results by state or take a deeper look into state information. Click on the News Cloud to spur discussion of trending issues. Or dive into history and study any previous U.S. election.

Student badges are awarded for key milestones such as researching five past elections or checking the News Cloud when it updates. Purchase of the app includes lesson plans demonstrating how to integrate the technology into your classroom.

5th-12th grades

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