Understanding Fractions: Compare and Order Fractions

by Conceptua Math

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Subject: Math

Grade: Elementary

User Access: Student, Teacher


Conceptua Math is an online Common Core curriculum that transforms the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Topic 3 of the Understanding Fractions unit is "Compare and Order Fractions." It contains lessons in which students learn to identify fractions with common denominators and common numerators, and then apply strategies to compare those fractions. Lessons begin with making models, progress to using the greater than and less than signs, and culminate with ordering fractions on a number line.

Common Core Standard(s): 3.NF.3, 4.NF.2

"Compare and Order Fractions" contains 4 lessons (approximately 1 period of instruction per lesson).

Lessons include:
- Compare with Common Denominators
- Order with Common Denominators
- Compare with Common Numerators
- Order with Common Numerators

Every lesson is supported by:
- Whole class Lesson Opener and Closer to encapsulate the lessons with a rich class discussion
- Embedded strategic feedback and video support for students
- Adaptive teaching for differentiated instruction and remediation
- Skills checks assessment

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