Subject: Math

Player Mode: Single

Grade: Middle

User Access: Student, Teacher


No 6: Find probabilities on a tree diagram

This application is the sixth installment in our series of seven apps introducing your students to probability tree diagrams (check out part one for free!). It includes three exercises covering the basics of understanding and creating tree diagrams. The exercises are enriched with hints, links to the built-in textbook, detailed solutions and helpful feedback along the way.

Hints are designed to point your students towards the right approach by stating general facts instead of specific information. The textbook is a mathpedia that includes all the needed knowledge for this exercise series and is crafted with close attention to detail. This gets all your students up to speed, regardless of their current level of knowledge. Solutions explain thoroughly what the student might have missed to get to the correct answer. All of these helpful features can be accessed by the student anytime during the exercise. Starting the app as a teacher, you see exactly what your students are going to see.

Bettermarks was founded in 2008 in Berlin, Germany. At bettermarks, more than 80 teachers, content creators and software specialists are working on next generation learning material.

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