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Subjects: Science, Language Arts, Computer Technology

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous, Single

Grade: Middle

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Covers Common Core: ELA-Literacy.WHST 6-8.2B, 6-8.2C, 6-8.2A, 6-8.2F, 6-8.2D, 6-8.2E
California Science Standards: 6Es6.C, 6Es6.A, 6Ie7.D, 6Es6.B

In this Project, Students travel back in time to the beginning of human history as they begin their study of world history. They also travel back in geologic time to understand the evolution of our planet's landscape through plate tectonics. Clearly, they need a comfy time machine! Their challenge: using only recycled, reusable, or renewable materials found around the house, students build a time machine, document their challenges, write an expository essay explaining how it works, send a tweet out about the machine, open a time machine museum for visitors, and finally leave advice for the next generation of time machine builders.

Includes Teacher guide, final project rubric, student directions, teacher and student resources, videos, writing process support pages, example work and an integrated tool for monitoring student progress.

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