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Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher



Engage a class in a collaborative discussion around any digital text, including ebooks, articles and PDFs. Use Subtext to build engagement, check for understanding or scaffold a more challenging text. No matter if you have one cart of iPads or a full 1:1 classroom, Subtext supports close reading and critical analysis across the curriculum.


Subtext naturally aligns with the close reading, critical analysis and writing skills that are emphasized by the new standards. In the iPad app, students can tag key concepts, write blog posts, or participate in polls. In the Edmodo app, students can reply to your prompts and discussions on the computer/Web.


1: Install Subtext on Edmodo in a group

2: Log into Subtext on iPad with your Edmodo username

3: Share passages and notes with your group on Edmodo.

4: Your class replies in the iPad or Edmodo app.

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