Speaking & Listening Project


Subjects: Language Arts, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous, Single

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


This project is aligned with the following Common Core Standards: ELA Literacy: 4.L.4.1, 4.L.4.3, 5.L.5.1, 5.L.5.3, 6.L.6.1, 6.L.6.3, 7.L.7.1, 7.L.7.3, 8.L.8.1, 8.L.8.3, 4.SL.4.4, 5.SL.5.4, 6.SL.6.4, 7.SL.7.4, and 8.SL.8.4.

In this project, students will learn about Martin Luther King Jr. through videos and website biographies. They will have an opportunity to listen to his famous ""I Have A Dream"" speech and think about the injustices in the world that they are truly passionate about changing. Students will create their own I Have A Dream speeches in the format of MLK. Student will give their speech in front of the class using passion, a sense of urgency, and persuasion to get people to feel the importance of the topic.

Included: Teacher Guide, Student + Teacher Notes, Videos, Websites, Student Resources, Brainstorming Documents.

Supports online editing to modify the project to your needs. Everyone in your group can access/collaborate on the app together to track progress

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