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Subjects: Language Arts, World Languages

Player Mode: Single

Grade: Elementary

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


A Parents Choice 2013 award winner, Language Tree's Beginner Spanish for Kids online course speeds language acquisition with an engaging combination of videos, audio clips, interactive exercises, and quizzes. Developed by experienced Two-Way Immersion school teachers, this course is aligned with Common Core using KUD (Know, Understand, Do) learning framework.

This application contains Lessons 1 - 3 which lay a solid foundation for further Spanish language study. Lesson 1 covers common phrases for meeting and introducing yourself to others. Lesson 2 introduces the Spanish vowels, the alphabet, spelling, articles and school-related vocabulary. Lesson 3 teaches numbers, masculine and feminine nouns, the singular and plural, and much more.

* Bi-lingual virtual teacher carefully explains grammar rules
* Scenario-based video clips show conversations in realistic context
* Fun animation and colorful images help reinforce new concepts
* Interactive exercises and quizzes test lesson comprehension
* HTML5 compatible: works on any computer or tablet
* Recommended for beginner students of all ages
* Edmodo badges and trophies awarded

This app brought to you by Language Tree, the leader in language learning videos for kids.

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