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Slim the Ogre: Spelling & Grammar 2 (lose lost loose, affect effect and accept except)

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Subjects: Language Arts, Special Education

Player Mode: Single

Grade: Middle

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Raising standards in English grammar through 12 fun and dynamic activities

If students confuse lose/ loose/lost, affect/effect, accept/except they are not alone. The internet is awash with errors. Rise above the ones who get it wrong by getting it right thanks to this fun Slim the Ogre app. This app has lots of exercises and useful grammar help. Learners place the right words in the right place and learn all about the revolting world of Slim the Ogre. This is a complete app where learners work independently and check their answers as they go.

12 fun to use games dynamically change each time the user uses them. Helps all English language learners whether English is a first language, ESL or EFL. Unlike a book, each time the user visits the games they will have a new fun task to complete.

Key Features
- Supported by a free e-book
- 12 fun to use games that dynamically change each time the user uses them
- Flash based and learning platform enabled
- Design of app is both functional and visually stimulating.

Educational Benefits
- Enables pupils to work independently, learning at their own pace both in the classroom and at home
- Standards aligned
- Keeps learners motivated and engaged.

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