Slim the Ogre Interactive Story Book

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Subjects: Language Arts, Special Education

Player Mode: Single

Grade: Middle

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


The story of Slim the Ogre, in the land of Ogg, is that of a young ogre in search of a diet. He's supposed to eat human meat, like all the other ogres - grilled, fried, boiled, on toast, in a sandwich - but he has a problem. Slim doesn't like the taste of human meat (and who can blame him?!).

His parents think he should get a grip and eat what's good for him but they send him to the doctor's just in case, again. Dr Roeg has an original answer for Slim on this visit. Instead of telling him he must eat a balanced diet of human meat and human bones, he suggests Slim help organise a food festival; 'Human food or Humans for Food' so he can discover the world of the human diet and the best that ogre chefs have to offer. Slim takes up the challenge in the hope of eating pizza.

Will he succeed in pulling off the social culinary event of the year? Will he find his diet? Find out in this fun story.

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