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Subjects: Social Studies, Career & Tech Ed

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


SimCEO is an online entrepreneurial and economic classroom simulation able to be customized for students from grade 4-12.
It is the only dynamic simulation played entirely online in a fictional ten year timeframe in which a group of students:
1. Each CREATE individual companies
2. RESEARCH each others' companies online
3. TRADE: Manage a portfolio by buying and selling shares in each others' companies which immediately influences share prices.

All of this takes place in a customized environment (place, time, duration of simulation, complexity) that is set by the instructor who can also integrate content by sharing dynamic news (real or fictional) with users, encouraging users to make adjustments along the way.

Participants "win" in one of two ways:
1. To be a successful entrepreneur by creating a business that ends with the highest share price
2. To be a savvy investor by ending with the largest portfolio value

Middle and High School
Contact: info@simceo.org

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