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Subjects: Language Arts, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous, Single

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Discuss, argue, justify, and defend with NextLesson’s Rank & Reason. Meeting the Common Core challenge, the app helps students develop analysis and justification of decisions in all subjects. Simple to use – the powerful tool can quickly become part of your current lessons.

Working with the whole class, a partner, a small group, or even independently, students will rank and justify major ideas, problems, characteristics, solutions, choices, and more. Students drag and rank their choices, but the tool encourages them to go further and justify their decisions.

Once the ranking is complete, students can compare their choices to others who have ranked the same list. Do students in Georgia agree with students in New York or Arizona? Do students in the UK agree with students in the USA? The Rank & Reason Tool challenges students to see their choices from multiple perspectives.

Pre designed & classroom tested Rank & Reason exercises available through the tool for no additional c

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