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Subject: Math

Player Mode: Single

Grade: Elementary

User Access: Student, Teacher


Introducing Quacktions: a fun way to practice reducing fractions!

Quack, quack! Reduce fractions with Quacktions, and become the smartest duck in the pond! Quacktions is well-suited for ages 6 through 11, or for anyone who wants some practice reducing fractions.

Use the ducks and other birds to help you count as you play with fractions. Boost your confidence with a tutorial warm-up mode, and then splash into the fast-paced time challenge!

Quacktions is perfect for play anywhere you are ready to get quackin’, from the backseat of the car to the classroom. Try and see if you can collect all of the badges.

About us: Second Avenue Learning produces research-based educational games for learners of all ages, and strives to make learning playful and fun (as it should be!). We are focused on opening pathways to success for all students.

For more information, visit our website: http://secondavenuelearning.com

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