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Numeral to words 2.NBT.A.3


Subject: Math

Grade: Elementary

User Access: Student, Teacher


Grade 2 - Numeral to words 2.NBT.A.3

The ASSISTments Edmodo App allows students to get just the right amount of practice, with help, on the given skill.

Assign this app to your students and they will solve problems from this skill until they get three right in a row. If they achieve this they will be told they are complete. If they do not reach three right in a row on a given day they will have to seek help outside the app and then return the next day to attempt three right in a row again.

Teachers can then enter the app and see a report of their students progress on the apps particular skill. The report will show if the student completed the app, how long it took and how many problems they needed to attempt in order to get three right in a row.

For more on the full ASSISTments platform go to http://www. ASSISTments.org


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