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Subjects: Language Arts, Classroom Tools

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


NoRedInk helps students improve their grammar/writing skills using their personal interests. Here's what makes us special:

Truly Personalized Content: We generate all our grammar sentences using each student's favorite celebrities, friends, and personal interests, making the content interesting.

Adaptive Learning: Our engine adjusts questions based on what students get right/wrong. When learners get stuck, we show them tutorials that help them correct their mistakes and keep going.

Practice Exercises/Quizzes/Assignments: It's easy to differentiate instruction by creating different assignments, quizzes, and practice exercises for specific individuals or groups. There�s no need for every student to do the same 10 questions from a grammar workbook.

Progress-tracking Features: Our color-coded "heat maps" allow teachers and students to track progress easily. Teachers can use class trends to instantly inform instructional decisions, and homework/quiz grade

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