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Subjects: Science, Language Arts

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Grade: Elementary

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Preparing students for the Real World is just a click away with NextLesson. Discover hundreds of CCSS aligned projects and lessons for your third grade students that are engaging, easy to use, relevant, and fun. Students will demonstrate Webb's Depth of Knowledge at all four levels.

Performance Tasks:
Performance Tasks in Math use real life situations that integrate real life data to bring meaning and relevancy to each lesson. Multiple editions of each performance task will ensure that there is a lesson that will pique your students' interest.

Project Based/Oriented Lessons:
Project Based/Oriented Lessons in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies will allow for deeper learning and in depth inquiry in your classroom. These projects will culminate in a final event, presentation, or product led by students.

All content on NextLesson is CCSS aligned. Projects and lessons are high quality, developed by teachers, classroom tested, and include a comprehensive teacher guide, all resources (video, websites, worksheets, interactive tools), and answer keys.

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