Subjects: Science, Social Studies

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


myHistro Extended is versatile, simple to use, and equipped with innovative testing tools. myHistro is a widely used resource amongst History, Geography and Social Science teachers and is now a testing platform.

Teachers have the choice to use timelines from app´s archive, or create a brand new one, and convert it into a test with just a few easy steps! The online test provides an excellent way to assess students’ knowledge in a more engaging way.

Key features for Tests:
- Devise groundwork for tests by removing data from titles to event descriptions.
- Added Archive has several hundred professional historical timelines to choose from.
- Analyze results, add comments, and compare with the original test on a summary chart view.

Create a test with fill-in answers and make it easily accessible for a selected group of students. For teachers, all the submitted tests line up on a summary chart view ready for grading. The original test appears on the top for easy comparison

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