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Subjects: Science, Social Studies

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


A great teaching tool that supports learning in several ways:

General :
o Allows students to study history interactively, making learning more appealing.
o Visualizes historic processes and events in map and timeline form and allows students to simultaneously understand all three dimensions of a story: where, when, and how.
o Allows students to better understand the whole narrative and how different historic events influence each other.

In the Classroom:
o Teacher can easily prepare interactive materials for every lesson
o Can be used for grading and testing

At Home:
o Ideal for creating homework in history or geography. It is a great tool to asses a student's understanding of a specific subject and ensure that the student is not simply memorizing dates and names but is actually connecting the dots
o Students can use the timelines created by the teacher to study at home and prepare for tests

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