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MindMeister - Mind Mapping


Subjects: Special Education, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous, Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


Not just a mind mapping tool, MindMeister allows you to create, develop and present your work within a single platform. Take more efficient notes, plan and outline, research and write, engage students, and much more!

For teachers:
- Plan lessons and courses
- Present in class
- Collaborate with students
- Monitor student participation

For students:
- Structure essays and papers
- Create Amazing Presentations
- Manage large amounts of information
- Collaborate with other classmates

Key Features:
- Real-time collaboration
The most powerful part of MindMeister is it’s major focus on collaboration. Students not only have the ability to develop their own ideas; they can also easily share a mind map to brainstorm and collaborate with their classmates, and all in real-time.
- Create stunning presentations
Presentation mode has transformed the way in which students and teachers present their work. It enables them to create, develop and present their ideas all within a single platform.
- Go back in time
Our patented history view lets you go back in time and review all changes in a mind map. When used as a teaching aid, this feature gives insight into how students developed their ideas and what was each student’s level of

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