Subjects: Science, Language Arts, Computer Technology

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous, Single

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Common Core Standards for ELA Literacy: 5.SL.5.1, 5.SL.5.1b, 5.SL.5.2, 5.SL.5.5, 7.SL.7.1, 7.SL.7.1b, 7.SL.7.2, and 7.SL.7.5.
California State Science Standards: 5LS2.0, 5LS2.1, 7LS1.b, 7LS1.c, and 7LS1.d

Students will use fact cards to learn about each of the organelles and their importance within the cell. Working in teams of 4, the students will be creating a 30-60 second themed learning video on each organelle. After filming each segment, students will generate a QR code for each video. The final project will be an interactive cell that will have each organelle labeled by a QR video. Students will have a chance to walk around the room, scan the codes, and learn about each of the organelles from the other groups.

Included: Teacher Guide, Teacher Feedback Form, Student + Teacher Notes, Videos, Video Script Forms, Student Resources, QR Code Directions, Sample Poster, Peer Feedback Form, and Reflection Document.

Also supports online editing, collaboration & tracking.

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