Kickstart Creative Writing

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Subjects: Language Arts, Creative Arts

Player Mode: Single

Grade: Middle

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


This great app helps kick start creative writing.

Alongside a fully functioning word processor contained within the app, learners can choose to write a story, a poem, a blog or a newspaper article.

The app gives them the appropriate writing template and help popup. The app contains millions of story starter sentences and a fully functioning rhyming word dictionary. With save, load, export to PDF and even auto email story functionality this is a must for encouraging creative writing in a secure environment.

Key Features
- Documents can be saved, printed and covered to an image
- Images can easily be imported
- Import text from other sources including MS Word
- Cross platform and web based.

Educational Benefits
- Research and write - collect information such as notes, links and documents and create a structure before writing
- Makes it easy to create and complete assignments
- Is self contained, cross-platform and low priced
- Gives all students with a simple web browser and web access the tools they need to complete assignments.

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