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Subjects: Language Arts, Classroom Tools

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


instaGrok is an educational (re)search engine that lets students (any anyone else) research any topic in an engaging, visual way. instaGrok finds the best information on the topic and presents it as interactive concept map ("grok"), showing key facts, concepts and relationships, videos, images and more.

After entering a query, users see a visual concept map of the ideas that comprise the topic. Users can:
* Click on concept nodes to focus their research
* Adjust their level of expertise
* View key facts, links, images, and videos
* Customize the map to show what they think is important
* Write a report in the journal

The free version of instaGrok includes the functionality listed above. If you upgrade to instaGrok Classroom, you'll enable these features:
* Teachers can view a dashboard of student research
* Students can submit their journals as Edmodo assignments

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