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Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous, Single

Grade: Middle

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Aligned with:
- California History Standards 7.1.1
- CCSS ELA-Literacy Sl.7.1D, Sl.7.1C, Sl.7.1A, SI.7.1

Students will research aqueducts, sewers, roads and domes built by Romans to determine which was the most enduring design. Based on their findings they will rank the engineering feats by level of influence. They will then group with the other students sharing the same view. After sharing their findings and doing further research, students will defend through debate their pick.

Includes: Teacher Guide, Teacher & Student Notes, Video, Student Resources, Websites, Project Reflection

Also supports online editing to modify project to your needs. Everybody in your group can access/collaborate on the app together to track progress.

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