Grade 6 Math from School 21

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Subject: Math

Grade: Middle

User Access: Student, Teacher


At School 21 we believe all students can achieve when learning is personalized to their needs. Grade 6 Math aligns to Common Core standards, and individualizes learning for every student with: Infinite Practice: unlimited practice problems covering every topic in Grade 6 Common Core standards—students can keep trying until they achieve. Adaptive Assessment: problems that adjust precisely to learner capability levels, so learners are never unchallenged or too far over their heads. The Web’s Best Learning: free learning objects (videos, text explanations and manipulatives) from the best online learning sites. The Learning Genome Machine: a proprietary algorithm that recommends learning objects based on each learner’s individual preferences. Game-Like Incentives: points, badges, levels and leaderboards to help students track and celebrate their learning. And Teacher Reports: user-friendly teacher dashboards that detail achievement at the class and individual student levels.

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