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Subject: World Languages

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous, Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


Go Vocab is based on a range of different quizzes. Some feel more like a traditional test, and some don't feel like quizzes at all because they're fully fledged games. Each activity will help you to improve a different skill so that you'll be ready to use the vocabulary you're learning in any situation.

- Ships: Competitive Multiplayer Game
- Speak: Perfect your pronunciation
- Bingo: Visual learning with pictures
- Match: Drag & drop to match words
- Quiz: Traditional
- Speller: Spell words in the target language
- Sink: A race against the clock
- Verbs: Verb Conjugation Lessons

- Points & Scoreboards
- Trophies
- Native pronunciation
- Mobile Apps

Features for Teachers:
- Student progress reports
- Set Homework
- Textbook Content
- Curriculum Content
- Add your own content

Supported Languages:
French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Maori, Samoan, Latin

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