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Add and Subtract Fractions


Subject: Math

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


1. See how fractions with common denominators can be added by summing their numerators
2. Discover why fractions with unlike denominators must be rewritten as equivalent fractions with a common denominator
3. Visualize fraction addition and subtraction using both fraction circle and number line models

* Lesson (to develop a strong understanding of the math concept)
* Audio narration (to spend mental energy on math, not language)
* Animations (to bring theory to life)
* Interactivity (for hands-on learning)
* Dynamic models (to visualize abstract concepts with language-independent learning)
* Multiple representations (to appeal to different learning styles and to connect ideas together)
* Question set (to practice and to assess understanding)
* Built-in help (to assist in planning and delivery)
* Standards correlation (to align with state, NTCM, and Common Core)

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