by Fluidity Software, Inc

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Subject: Math

Grade: Elementary

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Students work to learn the times table and establish good penmanship at the same time!

Practice rows of the times table. Problems are presented in a random order. A "dashboard view" helps track which parts of the table you have learned and which parts you need to practice more.

Handwrite answers instead of typing them. Handwriting numbers is an important skill and can be easier than typing. Improve your penmanship!

Answers are checked on-the-fly and immediate feedback helps students know how they are doing.

Reduces grading time for teachers and parents.

Note: Dashboard data is stored in your browser, so it will not currently transfer between machines. A reset data button can clear dashboard data.

Grades 2-4

Supported Browsers:
iPad/iPhone Safari (iOS5 or later)
Google Chrome
Firefox V15+

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