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Subjects: Social Studies, Health & P.E.

Player Mode: Single

Grade: Middle

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Created by neuroscientists especially for school children, Feeling Bubbly trains core ‘thinking skills’ including:
Positivity focus
Stress management

The aim of Feeling Bubbly is to create an automatic spiral of positive feelings so that it becomes instinctive. By training to pop only the happy word bubble and avoid the sad word bubbles, a child learns to focus on their positivity.

Positive feelings have a contagious effect that makes a child feel better and notice positive things around them. Negative feelings have a similar effect, making a child and others around them feel more stressed. Tuning into positive feelings can enhance one’s overall wellbeing and happiness.

Developed by neuroscientists, the exercises on can build children's skills in attention, memory and resilience after just 1 month - training 3 times a week for 10 minutes each day.

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