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Subject: Science

Player Mode: Single

Grade: Middle

User Access: Student, Teacher


Extrasolar isn’t quite like any game out there. On one hand, this award-winning project a realistic simulation of what it might be like to explore a planet with life outside of our solar system. On the other hand, we keep players on the edge of their seat by weaving in a story of conspiracy where you’re forced to choose allegiances between the fictional company running the expedition and Kryptex81, a mysterious hacker who gets you into the program.

When you first start playing Extrasolar, you'll be greeted with so many surprises that you probably won't think of it as an educational game. You'll be drawn into a sci-fi story where you play a central character. But underneath this compelling story, Extrasolar is inspired by science to its very core.

For lesson plans and more information about using Extrasolar as a teaching tool, please visit You can find this link and others in the Lazy 8 Studios collection.

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