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European Countries With Flat Stanley Lite


Subjects: Social Studies, World Languages

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


The lite version of the popular European Countries With Flat Stanley

Breaking news! A mail truck has lost its cargo in Flatter World. Letters to students in Europe appear to be lost. Help Flat Stanley re-deliver this precious cargo -- grab your slingshot and send him flying!

Learning the countries of europe has never been more exciting and interactive. Identify and locate each country on the map and send Stanley on his way.

Once you’ve completed your adventure, hit submit and share the fun!

Flat Stanley, the 50-year-old internationally recognized brand, has been the symbol of authentic children's literacy in elementary classrooms globally. Flat Stanley is now on a mission to teach students about the countries of Europe.

We work hand in hand with professors at Stanford University and K-6 teachers in order to bring you the best classroom tools available.

To teach the States & Capitals checkout:

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