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PlayPosit (fka eduCanon): Interactive Video

by PlayPosit (fka eduCanon)

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Subjects: Science, Classroom Tools

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


Deliver video like you teach! Your free tool to embed rich, dynamic questions into online video and track student understanding.
Transform video content you find online (YouTube, Khan Academy, LearnZillion, TeacherTube, Vimeo, etc.) into an interactive learning experience for your students. By presenting questions that students engage with as the video progresses, you keep students accountable to the material and, through our analytics, know who watched the video, where misconceptions arose, and what material needs to be retaught.

eduCanon�s interface is simple � most users build their first lesson in less than 15 minutes.

Build Interactive Video
Adding questions to your video is like building a worksheet, except now each question is time-linked to a moment in the video. Our question-editor behaves like a Microsoft Word document � you can add tables, images, audio clips, links, and even embed coded.

Differentiated Delivery
In eduCanon, students can�t jump to points of the video they have not yet reached � like during live teaching. They can always pause, rewind, and explain questions missed the first time.

Monitor Students
Your monitoring page provides an already-digested, numberless visualization of student performance

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