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Earthquake science - Animations & simulations

by Actual Concepts

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Subjects: Science, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


Contains 11 animations and simulations on Earthquake science that will help students experience a deep and meaningful understanding of what causes Earthquakes, types of seismic waves created, impact of seismic waves, functioning of seismograph and a real working seismograph in action! (Note - the working seismograph simulation uses iPad Accelerometer sensor and hence works only when accessed from iPad).

It boosts your classroom productivity & provides a fun-filled virtual lab experience in your classroom . These simulations are designed to work with both Tablets & desktop.

What causes earthquakes, simulation of faults, Seismic waves types, Body waves:S-waves, Body waves: P-waves, create your own s-waves and p-waves, surface waves, illustrative animation showing the impact of p-waves, s-waves and surface waves on a house, functioning of a seismograph, A real working seismograph - for iPad only

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