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Subjects: Math, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous, Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


DigitWhiz is all about making sure kids master foundational math skills so they can be successful in pre-algebra and beyond.

We focus on 5 key skills:

* Multiplication

* Division

* Integer Operations (+, -, x, /)

* Like Terms

* Solving Equations (one, two and mult-step)

Here's how it works for STUDENTS:

1) PLACEMENT: students take short placements in a skill area

2) PRACTICE: based on placement results, individual & multi-player games are assigned and updated as the student makes progress.

3) MASTERY: short tests are given along the way to ensure learning is taking place

What's in it for TEACHERS:

1) TEACHER DASHBOARD: easily view student data/progress made via whole class & individual reports (pie, bar and color-coded graphs).

2) PINPOINT SKILL LEVELS: Get exact percentages of current student abilities & see change over time

3) COMMUNICATION TOOLS: message whole class or individual students

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