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Curriculet revolutionizes the way kids read, and how teachers create, share, and teach with a simple yet dynamic digital reading platform. Curriculet enables teachers to deliver customized, Common Core aligned learning and digitally create and share their curriculum. As well, Curriculet saves hours on planning and grading.

A curriculet is a curriculum-enriched text that includes instruction and assessment. As students read a text, questions, quizzes and rich media annotations (i.e. material that would normally be placed in worksheets) pop out of the text, so students are instructed and assessed as they read� at just the right moment. We have hundreds of free, ready-to-use curriculets in our library. They�re all editable, so you can add to or modify these to suit your own teaching purposes. Teachers can upload texts and create their own curriculets.

At Curriculet, we believe that every moment of learning begins with reading, that teaching is a craft, and that the most effective curricula begins with the inspired work of great teachers and is perfected through collaboration.

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