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Subjects: Social Studies, Special Education

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Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


The definitive teaching and learning tool about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This app contains over 60 hours of teaching and learning materials. The resource was written in collaboration with a world renowned expert on the cold war to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 2012.

The resource contains video, documents, images and lessons followed up with questions that build a PDF assignment that can be saved or mailed to a teacher.

Key Features
- Used by thousands of learners worldwide
- Adds interest to what learners might not find very interesting. Sustains interest leading to sustaining effort
- Emotions are aroused adding variety to the sometimes dry, serious process of language instruction
- Lowers anxiety and encourage shyer learners learners to take part.

Educational Benefits
- Enables pupils to work independently, learning at their own pace both in the classroom and at home
- Curriculum aligned
- Edmodo badges awarded to aid motivation and assessment
- Keeps learners motivated and engaged.

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