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Coordinates & Graphing Game from Mangahigh

by Mangahigh.com Math Games

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Subjects: Math, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


This is the premium app for Mangahigh's Save Our Dumb Planet game - teachers can access full analytics and benefit from gradebook integration whilst students have unlimited gameplay where they can save game progress, compete with classmates and earn special Mangahigh badges on Edmodo!

The object of this math game is to protect Earth from meteors and other space hazards, by using your algebra skills to calculate accurate trajectories for Earth’s surface-to-space missiles.

Unfortunately, you are advised by poorly-educated and argumentative scientists who recommend conflicting trajectory formulae. It is up to you to choose the best formula, and calculate y for x in order to plot waypoints and guide your missile towards its target.

Eliminate all threats and save humanity, using as few missiles as possible!

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