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Connections (English words version)

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Subjects: Language Arts, Special Education

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Improve vocabulary with this fun App. Connections (English words version) is an exciting motivational world languages game based upon official US and International English words. learners have to connect the letters dynamically generated from a frequency analysis of the dictionary to create valid words.

This App is designed to handle both American and British English. In this version the user must create US or UK English words. The letters are all based upon random datasets, no two games will ever be the same. Letters can be connected in any direction to create a English word and earn points. The longer the word the higher to points awarded.

- Adds interest to what learners might not find very interesting. Sustains interest leading to sustaining effort.
- Emotions are aroused adding variety to the sometimes dry, serious process of language instruction.
- Lowers anxiety and encourage shyer learners learners to take part.
- User-centered in that learners are active in playing the game.
- Full Edmodo integration.
- Edmodo badges awarded to aid motivation and assessment.

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