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Common Core Math 1-6 by Sokikom

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Subjects: Math, Special Education

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous, Single

Grade: Elementary

User Access: Student, Teacher


A variety of Common Core domains are covered in Sokikom, including Fractions, Operations, Measurement & Data, Number Sense and Geometry. Perfect for enrichment, remediation or grade-level differentiation, Sokikom offers compelling visuals, virtual manipulatives and cutting-edge game dynamics. All students are given a placement test to begin individualized learning, animated instructional help videos when they get stuck and exciting online rewards for achievement, making all students feel successful in Sokikom while they build deep understanding in core concepts.

Detailed data on student progress through Common Core Standards is tracked for teachers: drill down to the exact questions your students struggle with! This app offers your classroom full access to Sokikom single and multiplayer games for 1 year from installation.

Flash Player is required (works on all devices except iPads).

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