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Subject: Career & Tech Ed

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Grade: Middle

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Created by neuroscientists especially for school children, Bullseye trains core ‘thinking skills’ including:
Decision speed
Executive function
Information processing speed
Response inhibition
Working Memory

In Bullseye a child must aim the bow and arrow at the target while simultaneaoulsy taking into consideration the wind direction and strength. Taking multiple factors into consideration to achieve the perfect ‘Bullseye’ is the same principal that underpins ‘executive function’.

Executive function relies on flexibility, acquiring rules, estimating time and choosing the right action whilst suppressing others. Brain training exercises such as ‘Bullseye’ have been found to benefit executive function and these benefits translate into real life.

Developed by neuroscientists, the exercises on can build children's skills in attention, memory and resilience after just 1 month - training 3 times a week for 10 minutes/day.

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