BrainNook Full: Math and Language Arts for Grades 1-5


Subjects: Math, Language Arts

Player Mode: Multi, Simultaneous, Single

Grade: Elementary

User Access: Student, Teacher


BrainNook is a math and language game for elementary school students. It helps children build math and language skills while playing a fun game with their classmates, and gives teachers powerful tools to track and accelerate their students' learning.

In BrainNook, children travel through virtual worlds while playing math and language games, complete assignments to win badges, and compete with their classmates to reach the top of their class scoreboard. BrainNook games are mapped to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and Language Arts for Grades 1-5.


"My students are better at math. They are more fluent, confident, and are making less mistakes." - April P., Special Ed Teacher, Missouri

"BrainNook has motivated my students to practice skills at home, something most would not otherwise voluntarily do." - Kevin G., Elementary Teacher, West Virginia

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