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Blackbeard & The Treasure of Shark Island

by Rocketfuel Games

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Subjects: Science, Language Arts

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


*Includes 7 interactive puzzles, a printable teachers guide and student worksheet!

Blackbeard & The Treasure of Shark Island introduces key science concepts as students explore an interactive comic book to uncover clues and solve the following educational puzzles:

1. Something Fishy - Compare shark species by identifying their body parts and traits
2. Shark Encounter - Unscramble the name of the species
3. The Greatest Pirate - Blackbeard trivia challenge
4. Food Chain - Sort the species in the correct linear sequence
5. Deep Blue Sea - Ocean location and geography trivia
6. Synapse Sequence - Pattern/ color sequencing
7. Bonus - Tile swapping puzzle

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