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Subjects: Computer Technology, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Parent, Student, Teacher


Proven to help learners with planning, thinking and learning.

The Big Planning tool is a very flexible planning and flowchart tool with an educational difference; unlike other flowchart tools this one has been designed not for business use, but by teachers specifically for educational use. It is the ultimate creative learning tool, pedagogically sound and amazingly flexible. Suitable for all curricular areas and with icon sets that will be regularly and automatically updated in line with pedagogically sound suggestions from teachers.

Key Features
- Charts can be saved, printed and covered to an image
- Ideal for individual learners and for projection onto a whiteboard for whole class discussions.
- Unlimited undo / redo.

Educational Benefits
- Research and write - collect information such as notes, links and documents and create a structure before writing
- Create circuit diagrams and room plans
- Create cartoons and diagrams
- Helps to brainstorm and explore any idea, concept, or problem
- Facilitates better understanding of relationships and connections between ideas and concepts
- Makes it easy to communicate new ideas and thought processes
- Allows learners to easily recall information
- Makes it easy to arrange ideas and concepts.

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