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Subject: Math

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


Virtual manipulative algebra tiles for hands-on exploration of algebraic concepts.

* Unit square (positive and negative)
* X variable rectangle (positive and negative)
* X² variable square (positive and negative)

* Unlimited virtual tiles
* Easy to add, drag, rotate, copy, and remove tiles
* Drop opposite pairs on each other to cancel
* Convenient equations grid (for solving equations) and factors grid (for distribution, multiplying/dividing polynomials, factoring)
* Snapping for easy placement and alignment
* Pen tools for annotations and labels

1. Modeling expressions
2. Simplifying expressions
3. Substitution
4. Adding and subtracting polynomials
5. Solving equations
6. Distribution
7. Multiplying and dividing polynomials
8. Factoring
9. Completing the square

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