Activities - Earth and Space

by Actual Concepts

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Subjects: Science, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


A complete activity workbook integrated with "edmodo gradebook" on Earth and Space, which means you can track the performance of your students on this activity, on edmodo gradebook!

The activities are set in game style so that students score as they complete each activity. The student is faced with a challenge to unlock new activities once he scores above 50%!! Student will earn a star badge within the App, for each activity where he scores more than 95% !

Works on iPad and touch enabled as well!

A set of 9 activities are included -

1. Label the diagram on Continents and Oceans
2. Crossword
3. Match the following
4. Fill the flow chart on Moon phases
5. Label the diagram on Solar system
6. Quiz
7. Label the diagram on Solar eclipse
8. Categorize the labels into 3 heads - on Earth's internal structure
9. Vocabulary builder

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