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Waves and Vibrations simulations

by Actual Concepts

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Subjects: Science, Classroom Tools

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


This app will help you explain topics with ease, and students can develop a deep and meaningful understanding of Waves & Vibrations (coverage below). It boosts your classroom productivity & provides a fun-filled virtual lab experience in your classroom. These simulations are designed to work with both Tablets & Desktop.

Every simulation includes a detailed activity list. This can be used as a classroom tool to supplement teaching and will enhance your productivity. The activities can be given to students as offline assignments.



Types of Waves

Create Longitudinal/Transverse Waves

Experience Doppler Effect



Double Pendulum



Simple Pendulum Lab

Phase difference


Spring Mass System - Energy, Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration Graphs

Two Body Oscillations

Coupled Oscillations,

Forced Oscillations

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