Transformations - Geometry

by Actual Concepts

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Subjects: Math, Classroom Tools

Player Mode: Single

Grade: All

User Access: Student, Teacher


This app helps you explain "Transformations" interactively &students can experience a deep & meaningful understanding of Dilation, Scaling, Reflection, Rotation, and Translation in Geometry (coverage below). This app boosts your classroom productivity & provides a fun filled lab experience in your classroom. These simulations are designed to work with both Tablets & Desktop.

The Content is structured as follows for each Transformation -
* Understanding Concepts
* Unlimited Practice
* Real Life Activities
* Final Assessment on Transformations

*Detailed Coverage*
1. Dilation of various figures
2. Unlimited Practice on Dilation challenges
3. Activity on Dilation
4. Reflection of various figures
5. Unlimited Practice on Reflection
6. Activity on Reflection
7. Rotation of various figures
8. Unlimited Practice on Rotation
9. Activity on Rotation
10. Translation of various figures
11. Unlimited Practice on Translation
12. Activity on Translation
13. Final Assessment

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